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Welcome Year 7 Boys!

Dear Student,

Assalaamu Alaikum,

We are very excited to welcome you to our school in September.

We know that you will be excited too. We also know that you will have some worries about starting secondary school but rest assured; you’ll get into the swing of things quickly. We will explain everything to you very carefully in the first two weeks of your new term.

If you are ever worried about something, you have a Form Tutor who will listen very carefully to your concerns and will try to help you the best they can. So, don’t be afraid to share your concerns with us. We are very happy to have you at our school and we find that most worries go away once they are shared.

Your Form Tutor will be ‘Brother Hasan'.

We know that we will get to know you very well over the next 5 years together. We think it will be a great idea for us to learn about you, your hopes, and your dreams before you arrive.

We would like you to email your new Form Tutor a letter. Write more than 200 words but no more than 500. Cover the following points about yourself:

  1. Your current school and what you enjoy about it; what will you miss?

  2. If you have any worries or concerns about starting secondary school. What are you excited about?

  3. Which subjects you currently enjoy the most and the subjects you think you need to improve in?

  4. What, if any career aspirations you have and why?

  5. What are your most important personal values and why?

  6. What kind of Muslim you want to develop into being?

  7. What you hope your new secondary school will be like?

  8. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Please type and spell check your letter yourself. Type in black. You might need to do a few drafts before you send your final version. This is a normal way of going about things.

Send your completed email to In the ‘subject’ field, type: From ‘your name’ Joining Year 7. If you use your own email account, please also ‘CC’ your parents – so that they get a copy as well. Your new Form Tutor will reply back soon. They will let you know that they have received your email.

I will also be reading the email you write, and I am very interested in getting to know you.

For now, stay safe! See you in September, Insha’Allah.


Suhayl Lee Executive Prinicpal

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